Facing Fear- You Are Stronger Than You Think

If you find yourself on the “twin flame” path, or any spiritual path for that matter, and you are frustrated with your progress, I would like to share how I overcame the frustration and ultimately found a deep sense of peace within.

My personal life was in shambles when I sought to meet new women. Eventually I met this woman whom I later discovered was my so-called twin flame and the events that transpired in wake of meeting her have turned out to have been God-sent.

The details of what I have been through are inconsequential for my intent is to convince ALL of you reading this that whatever you are currently going through is meant to teach you how to reach your authentic self. And we are ALL much stronger than we think.

Making Contact with Your Higher-Self

Shortly before my life was turned completely upside-down I had begun praying to my higher-self to help guide me as I was feeling stagnated in my life. The only reason I prayed in the first place, having never been religious before, was because I knew I was powerless to make the necessary changes in order to bring harmony back into my life.

After some time had passed, I started noticing that whenever I would look at my phone the time always showed the same numbers. It was at this point, though at the time I was still ignorant, that my higher-self, who I refer to as my Divine Mother, starting making contact with me.

So I continued going about my life as usual but the repetitive number thing kept growing in my consciousness. Not only was I seeing the same number on my phone’s clock, but now I was seeing repetitive numbers on supermarket receipts, license plates and in other seemingly routine places.

This went on for at least a couple months before I ever realized that something bigger was happening. Then, one day, I decided to investigate just what these numbers might mean. At first, I kind of blew off the meanings that I was reading seeing no connection to me and my life. However, being somewhat amused by this new phenomenon entering my life, I continued looking up the meanings of these mysterious numbers.

Waking Up

Suddenly, as I kept poring over various websites about “angel numbers”, my conscious mind finally found connections between what I was reading and my current life situation. Unfortunately, like a horse with blinders on, I stayed on the path of my daily routine, only now I knew in the back of my mind that I was ignoring something important about myself. I understood that I had to change but t he same time I was deathly afraid of changing my life around.

Just like you reading this blog, I had become a prisoner of my very own self-made jail in my mind. Like any inmate, I had grown confoundingly comfortable in my metaphorical cell, learning to rely on my fear-based captivity instead of challenging it. Fear had been in control of my life for as long as I could remember. Even as a small child I felt fear managing my every behavior, so to recognize that I was overwhelmed by my fears was not a revelation.

Breaking the Chains of Fear

At least I could now put my finger on the problem, fear was consuming me inside and out. But everybody is ruled by fear I thought, it is normal and no big deal. However, my Divine Mother continued sending me messages about confronting my fears and overcoming them. I felt oddly empowered by this “force” in my life that seemed determined to help me “right the ship” and steer my life in a more authentic direction.

What kind of fears you might ask. How about the giants of fear like, fear of what other people think about us, fear of the unknown, and the ever foreboding fear of examining all the demons that dwell in our own psyche. I also feared my “authentic” self. Who was he? Would I like him and what kinds of changes would be forced upon me to meet this character?

That said, I set about facing my fears, both large and small on a daily basis. My Divine Mother was now in charge and I would listen carefully to her guidance as I really felt her pushing me to grow as human being. I would stare down each fear but one more imposing than the other would enter my mind and each time I knew that it was my job to deal with it instead of running away and hiding.

Many times my will to overcome my fears would wilt away and my ego would remind me that it still held sway over my being. I was learning that a battle between “light” forces and “dark” energies was taking place for dominion over my heart, mind, body and soul. Though I have wanted to give up many times along the path and simply give in to my fears, my Divine Mother’s love strengthened me to my core.

Finding Peace of Mind

My journey started with the huge question marks of leaving behind a marriage with a small child, then transformed to extreme financial hardship and self-sacrifice, ultimately leading to the casting aside of a life of 13 years. All this while letting go of a career I thought I was good at, and moving to an entirely foreign place that I never really wanted to go to. Yet here I am today, having embraced where I live, adapting to the separation between myself and my young son and starting out on a new career that fills my heart infinite joy. I am actually happier today than I can ever remember even though I have zero income, an unstable living situation and no friends or family within thousands of miles of me. But the love of God can fill the deepest valleys and warm the coldest oceans.

Where does happiness lie? It all boils down to following your Divine Mother and the intuition in your heart because it is there that we truly discover contentment. If we all surrendered to what our hearts and souls are asking us to do, we would be living in a completely different world full of love, joy and happiness. So the lesson I have learnt is that when we listen to our Divine Mother all of our dreams will come true and the authentic person inside of us that we were so scared to get to know, will become our most loyal best friend.


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