Instruction Manual for Spiritual Progress: How to Survive and Thrive on the Twin Flame Path

First things first. We are never truly “separated” from our twin flame, inasmuch as we are never cut off from our inner being/God. Just as when we drop our children off at school, we have not disconnected from them simply because we cannot “see” them when we are at work, I am sure you can see how ludicrous of a thought that would be. This must be absolutely understood at the deepest levels of our hearts if we want to avoid much pain and suffering along this spiritual path. All things in the universe are inherently interconnected, we literally are one huge human family. If you read no further than what I have just written and comprehend it fully, you have already advanced to the penultimate stage of “twin flame” spiritual enlightenment.

The following steps are based one hundred percent on my experiences as I have advanced along the path for over one year. As I write this, I have, with the utmost humility, arrived at the final stage before the “physical reunion”.

Step One: Harnessing Our Sexual Energy

This step is, without a doubt, the foundation upon which we base all of our spiritual work. We need to retain our sexual energy by becoming chaste. This means we refrain from all lustful thinking, all diseased images like pornography and, finally, the greedy and self-destructive habit of masturbation. Dear reader, if you attempt to skip this step, you are destined to fail miserably. The reason is because our sexual energy is the most powerful source of energy in the universe and, for too many years (or lifetimes), we have been shamelessly wasting this precious and sacred force through our animal mind and behavior. Furthermore, our sexual energy will be the power that we need to use on the path in order transform all of our egoic desires.

The proper use of our sexual energy also includes the practice of meditation, without which we are unable to ground our sexual energy in our hearts, minds and bodies. This will then prepare us for the purification process that comes next. Why? We will need all the strength, power and balance possible to overcome the ordeals that we will encounter through the actual physical manifestation of all our psychological egoic desires.

Step Two: Meeting Our Dark Side

Shortly after meeting our twin flame we become immediately acquainted with our shadow-self, or more specifically, our egoic animal self. This is an extremely confusing and painful period during the path. Confusing because we go from this blissful feeling of unconditional love for our twin, to actually despising them (at egoic levels) and wanting nothing more to do with them. All of these distressing and disorienting thoughts, feelings and emotions fill our minds and begin to consume our very hearts and souls. This is where we experience great pain and suffering because all of these intense feelings have been festering deep within our psyches, like wounds on our souls that we have neglected for far too long. Only upon meeting our twin flame, these wounds are now being exposed, one after the other, to the burning light of our passionate desires for our twin flame.

We are therefore forced to face our darker nature and this is precisely where our sexual energy and meditation become most useful. We will use them both to transform our animal psychology and egoic desires to ones that are more human and aligned with Divinity. The retaining of our sexual energy actually acts as a sort of spotlight as it works on our intellectual center, allowing us to use our full mental capacities to see all of our destructive habits, whether they be mental, emotional or physical, and correct them.

Our “animal mind”, eg. the ego, is only concerned with three base needs: food, shelter and sex. Furthermore, we must always remember that the animal mind functions using seven main desires, which are based one-hundred percent on fear: Greed, Pride, Lust, Envy, Anger, Gluttony and Laziness. In fact, if we look around society we will see that the vast majority of humans operate their lives based only on these primary desires. There is nothing inherently wrong with pursuing these basic needs because they are merely the first step in our spiritual evolution.

However, once we meet our twin flame we are no longer permitted to remain on the first step of spiritual evolution. Actually, we are being called on by God to rapidly expand our spirituality due to our soul’s pure desire to experience freedom and independence from our egos in order to more closely relate to Divinity. The main result of this process is the feeling of pure unconditional love.

Step Three: Purification

After having become more familiar with our animal nature than we would have liked, the path takes on to the “separation” phase with our twin flame, which mirrors the separation that we are discovering exists between us and God. It is here that we really begin the hard work involved with the purification of our animalistic desires. Of course we are utterly incapable of doing any of this work without the blessing and guidance of our inner-Divinity. Our innermost is always connected to our Creator, and it is through this force that we should also be appealing and praying to as often as we can in order to strengthen our connection to Divinity.

At this point on the path we are being challenged on a daily basis to examine our egoic psychology manifested in our incorrect thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Our innermost is the one responsible for guiding us through this process by forcing us (with love) to face all our animalistic desires, and thereby correct them as they arrive in our lives in the form of problems.

Another way of describing this step would be called sexual transmutation. It is precisely because we are using our infinitely powerful sexual energy that we are equipped with the force to initiate real change in our self-destructive habits. Our animal desires are impossible to ever fulfill, for as soon as we get some sex, we always want more, or as soon as we get some money, we always want more, or as soon as we get a house, we always wants a nicer one. This is a cycle of never-ending suffering based on the illusion that we can ever gain happiness through these means and satisfy the black hole of our egoic desires.

In order to better recognize how these psychological desires manifest themselves in our lives, I would like to very briefly highlight the nature of our mental tendencies and possible solutions when dealing with them. Our psychological nature can be compared to the psycho-spiritual elements that make up all things in the universe: (Ether), Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Remember these elements are literal and symbolic at the same time.

The element of Air: when we are facing a problem in our lives based on air, we are more than likely confronting an aspect of our psychology where we need to let go of something we love, or rather our egoic attachments. We can balance the instability created by our egoic grasping for something that we must shed from our animal psychology by appealing to the earth element, namely the firmness  and stability of our faith in God. Another way to face this aspect of our self is to remain mobile and adaptable, psychologically speaking.

The element of Fire: here we are more than likely dealing with that part of our egoic self that thrives on anger and resentment. To properly face this shadow aspect of our nature, we can use the element of water, which means becoming more adaptable and fluid-like in situations that would normally awaken rigidity and anger within us. Also, fighting fire with fire could be taken to mean that in these moments when our temperament is being tested, we can use compassion and love to change our past behaviors.

The element of Water: psychological problems presented to us relating to our water-like egoic nature take the form of us confronting our emotional reactions to events in our lives where we feel we are over-whelmed by circumstances that appear to have no solution to us. The possible solution here would be to “go with the flow” of life’s difficult situations instead of fighting the current.

The element of Earth: earth-element problems arise when we feel stuck psychologically and we feel unable to move ourselves when faced with change. The key here is to recognize that change is always occurring and we are powerless to prevent it from happening. Therefore, the element of water could be used symbolically as a solution since water always flows and adapts to its surroundings.

The fifth element of Ether: this element is the secret to instant change on the part of the individual because this element relates to the universal interconnectedness of all things! Therefore, if we are conscious enough, we can call on this element whenever we faced with any of the psychological challenges arising from our psychological nature based on the four elements by simply remembering that God is behind all things. It is very power and subtle at the same time, yet using this technique on a regular basis fill our hearts with such pure love for others that we can skip many steps just by remembering all is one.

Step Four: Listening to our Growing Intuition

Once we (or our innermost) have committed ourselves to correcting our egoic desires by fundamentally changing how we view ourselves and life in general, we will no doubt notice a strange new phenomenon arising from deep within us. It is our ever expanding consciousness which now senses things at much more subtle levels and gives birth to an aspect of our divine nature that we must take advantage of. Our intuition is used in order to navigate the waters of our animalistic psychological nature so that we can better discern what is truly in our best interests. Yes, whereas before we could only see with our eyes, now that our intuition is expanding we begin to “see” with our souls! Intuitive messages can come to us in many forms, some examples include: prophetic dreams, repetitive numbers, animal spirits and various other synchronicities that cannot be mistaken as coincidence.

While Divinity has blessed us with another tool to combat our egoic self, our job becomes ever more difficult as we attempt weed out the desires of the heart and the desires of the animal still within us. As our connection to God deepens we are now called on to make more serious, wholesale changes to our characters and our lives based on our divine intuition. This is a very scary and critical stage in our path toward spiritual maturity because it inevitably leads us to the letting go of ALL the things in our life that our former, egoic selves, were trying so desperately to hang onto, albeit in vain. For example, you know that career that you have been investing all your time, blood, sweat and tears in? Say bye-bye to it if that career was something you were pursuing only to make others happy. Basically, at this stage if you are not living your full authentic self, your innermost will make you feel like you are dying. And, the more you try to hang on to your “old self”, the worse you feel- it is literally like being tortured by sleeping next to a rotting stinking corpse. The sad reality behind the torture though, is that the one doing the torturing is the ego WE have created in the first place! It is all in our minds.

Step Five: Taking the Leap of Faith

The whirlwind of adventure into ourselves takes us yet to increasingly more critical and harrowing (from our egoic mind’s perspective) moments, none more so than this step of actually surrendering to Divinity and allowing ourselves to be taken away on the wings of Mercury’s caduceus and into the great unknown. This is usually the step where we become paralyzed by our fears because we cannot comprehend intellectually how God’s plan for our lives will work itself out. For example, we reach a point we where we really want to change and we are ready, but our true faith in ourselves and in God is being tested once again in order for us too see that we are still “doubting Thomas’s”.  I must reiterate that the leap of faith that Divinity is asking of us seems altogether impossible to realize by ourselves alone. However, the fundamental point God is attempting to teach us is to have faith even when it appears we should distrust. Why? The Creator is breaking down a final key element of our animal mind, the part of our egoic mind that seeks survival at all costs and makes excuses for why we cannot follow God because we will end up without money, without food, without shelter etc.

This is THE last devilish trick our ego plays on us. For if we analyze our life carefully and examine every terrible situation in which we have found ourselves, we will see clearly that Divinity never let us become homeless and never allowed us to go without food. Remember that God is behind everything? If so, you will easily see that God has always been providing for us and always will, but the beauty is when we recognize the fact that Divinity was lovingly caring for us even when we hardly, if ever, even acknowledged its existence. So you want to tell me now, in our time of most vulnerability and desperate need for God in our lives, that this all loving force would abandon us? It is an utterly absurd thought, which again, can only come from our fear-based and distrusting egoic self.

If we want to become the hero of our own personal epic tale of battling our deepest, darkest and most ferocious dragons, we must summon the courage, strength, bravery and faith in ourselves and Divinity. I say this because true freedom and independence lie on the other side of this last great foreboding doorway to our authentic selves.

Step Six: Altruism

This is the second-to-last stage that I mentioned earlier. It is here that we begin to feel the presence of the Creator at the most profound levels of our hearts, minds, bodies and souls. [I will remind you that using the fifth element and remembering how we are all interconnected can bring your soul right along to this stage rather quickly.] It is an extremely powerful point along the path and one where we feel so close to God that the desire to have our twin flame in our lives is all but a faint memory. We have no more “need” for another in our lives because we have found ourselves and reconnected to Divinity so much so that, in my case, I do not even want my twin flame in my life at all because I seek only to be closer to God.

In order to feel our Heavenly Father with us, we must devote ourselves one hundred percent to helping others without the expectation of repayment on the physical plane. Again, it is only through pure dedication to serving our inner-Divinity that we can begin to experience what God feels when we are happy because we are working only to enlighten and make others happy, it is a win-win if there ever was one! In fact, we might well call this the final stage in the path due to the blessings we feel when we understand that everything we have done along our journey was all for the love of God, not our twin flame. Of course, our twin flame and the undying love we feel for him or her is truly just a reflection of the love God has been showing us with from the day of our birth. Therefore, like God, our mission at this stage is to simply give out as much unconditional love as we can to all people, which is so beautiful when you think about it because what started out as a selfish love for our twin flame, has now come full circle and blossomed into an abundant garden of flowers of love for others and Divinity.

Step Seven: Physical Reunion

Still waiting for my twin flame to catch up to me… will update soon!







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