Mercury Life Coaching is a service and blog inspired by our earnest desire to help our fellow human beings raise their awareness of their true authentic selves. Steven Andre’s path of self-development has seen him journey from Detroit to Rome, Italy where he had lived for 13 years before meeting his most splendid and all-loving twin flame. Upon meeting his twin flame his journeys have taken him on a whirlwind trip through the deepest recesses of the psychological nature of his traumas. It is thanks to the loving support of the Divine Mother that we bring this blog to you, who has never failed to push us ever farther in our pursuit of deeper knowledge of self. Without our Divine Mother this blog would be impossible and all praise to her energy for every time we have wanted to give up, our Divine Mother’s love has continued to spur us on while igniting the passionate desire that we have to heal our inner-selves as we seek to always help every willing soul find their guiding light in this world of darkness.