My coaching style is simple and effective because my approach is ALL about helping you empower yourself (the answers lie within you) as we work as a team to help you reach your goals. I love coaching because it truly demonstrates the greatest capacity we have as human beings, namely the ability to help our fellow man based on a sincere desire to see all of us living our best most fruitful lives as we manifest our true potential. I have discovered first-hand that happiness lies in living our truths!

My experience learning how to find my authentic self and actualize my real potential, by facing my egoic fears, is the number one strength I bring to the table as your coach. In addition, my years of education, both formal and informal, deep self-analysis and the unconditional love and care that I have cultivated for myself and all beings have all contributed to my knowledge of how to face challenges in life with grace, dignity and courage. If you believe you have stagnated in any of the following areas contact me and let’s get you moving forward once again!

My areas of expertise are the following:

  • “Twin Flame” Relationships
  • “Nofap” Spiritual Development
  • Sexual Identity Confusion
  1. You email me about my coaching availability.
  2. We set-up a time for a brief SKYPE/FACETIME call where I learn a little about what your current challenge is. During the call I will ask you to provide me, by email: personal details relating to your “life challenge”, birth details including the precise time and place, as well as your short and long term goals. We also discuss the time frame and urgency of the coaching sessions.
  3. Once I receive your “personal details” email outlining the above, as well as payment, we can then setup our first coaching session.
  4. Our first session revolves around your goals and how we can empower you to reach them based on an action plan, which we create during the session.
  • Each session consists of a 60-minute consultation via Skype, FaceTime, or in person, when applicable.
  • 1 session $150/hr (prepaid via paypal)
  • 3-session package $400 (prepaid)
  • 6-session package $800 (prepaid)

**There are no time limits on when package sessions must be used, however all decisions regarding the appropriate time-frames will be determined by the coach and client in a manner befitting each individual’s personal goals.

Terms and Conditions

Payment is expected before the initial consultation. All sales are final, unless the coach, for whatever reason, is unable to fulfill their obligation to the client, at which time a refund can be requested and payment will be reimbursed to the client.