November 18th, 2017

I’ve been working with Steve for about a month and I can’t tell you how blessed I feel for being able to call him my coach and my friend.  

If you’ve watched his YouTube videos, you can tell that Steve is a man who practices what he preaches.  I was immediately humbled and impressed by his approach to coaching, which honestly doesn’t feel like “coaching” at all.  It comes from the heart.  When I see that I have a text from him, its like I just got a message from an older cousin or big brother that I really look up to, but who has made his life’s mission to bring out the best in me.  And he’s got a gift for it too.  Not only is he extremely well-read and has access to resources that will blow you away when you want to do some self-study, he really listens and puts himself in your shoes before tackling a way forward.  He’s also super smart and fun to talk to.  

In the one month since we began speaking, I have gotten rid of attachments that my ego was desperately clinging on to for years. And I’m no longer plagued by a fear that I will never live up to my “potential” because I’m working on being the best version of myself everyday.  

If you want someone in your corner that really has your back and can help you shine light on yourself and your spiritual journey, Steve’s the guy to talk to.      

-Bachar New York City, NY


December 9th, 2017

I came across Steven’s youtube channel about 2 months ago as I was facing difficulties along my nofap path. His videos really resonated with me because, it helped me better understand what this whole nofap journey was about. However even though I was watching all the videos that Steven would make, I would continuously relapse over and over again. So I decided to ask Steven if he wanted to coach me during this journey rather than having to face this journey on my own. Steven had decided to help me with the journey and has given such good insights and practices (such as meditation ) on my specific situation on the things I need to do in order to be more successful with nofap. Steven, has been there when I was emotionally lost and mentally wanting to quit and not wanting to go on this journey anymore. He has helped me motivate myself and has kept reminding me that this is all a journey and we must keep learning through this difficult path. Steven has been a good coach for me so far and Iam thankful to work with him.

-Josh Cho Seoul, South Korea

January 1st, 2018

Hello Steven

In this chance, i feel so privileged because i am able to get your enlightenment,
Well, my opinion about mercurylifecoaching@gmail.com
To be honest from the deepest of my heart, till this second, I’m definitely saying you are the only one i feel the wholeheartedly vibration… I mean whatever u shared in videos all based on and comes from your truly heart and i m still thinking how and how you have such that abundantly e energy and wisdom in you… Than i know all possible when you surrender totally your entity your being into universe.. Who guide you find the righteous answer..
I have no word to describe how privileged i am to know u in this path life… Thank ton  steve.. I pray for u as well u pray for me and another human being… This world need a person as u…
Keep cultivate and spread your insatiable energy to the world to conquer all the affliction…and all our ego… Lets create world with altruism in togetherness and peace
I wish you all the best and
Keep on cultivate in equanimity to vibrate the tranquility
-Zhen Xia Bali, Indonesia